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Name Encik Ahmad Nurzid bin Rosli
Position Pensyarah
Faculty/Centre Fakulti Seni, Komputeran dan Industri Kreatif - Jabatan Komputeran
Telephone No. 05-4505054
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Staff Qualification
  • Ijazah Sarjana Sains Teknologi Maklumat - Teknologi Maklumat (Rangkaian dan Mobile Computing) Universiti Utara Malaysia(2005)

  • Ijazah Sarjana Muda Teknologi Maklumat - Teknologi Maklumat (Rangkaian) Universiti Utara Malaysia(2002)

  • Staff Specification
    Field Of Specialization Teknologi Maklumat
    Staff Interest
    Research Interest Computer Networking / Social Network Service (SNS) / Semantic Web / Ontology / Augmented Reality / Natural Language Processing / Recommendation System

    *Note : All information listed below are based on recent 5 years.

    Staff Affiliation
    Professional Affiliation
    Role Project Organisation Date
    AHLI / MEMBER - CISCO Academy 2010

    Staff Research
    Recent Research
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    1 Current Practices and Future Possibilities of Environmental Education in Malaysia''s Early Chilhood Education
    2 Penggunaan MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) untuk Pembelajaran Kursus Senibina dan Organisasi Komputer (CAO) melalui Pendekatan Pembelajaran Teradun
    3 Re-Engineering Computer Architure and Organization (COA) Course Learning Structure with Green Computing Project-Based Learning Using Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

    Recent Publication
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    1 "Pameran Malaysia Islamic Children Fair (MICF2016)", null", (null), null, 2017-12-02
    2 "Pameran Malaysia Islamic Children Fair (MICF) ", null", (null), null, 2016-12-02
    3 "International University Carnival on E-Learning (IUCEL)", null", (null), null, 2017-09-26
    No Publication Title
    1 Ahmad Nurzid bin Rosli, "A Method for Automatically Creating an Interactive Semantic Video based on AR System", "(2012 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics-SMC)", 14/10/2012
    2 Ahmad Nurzid bin Rosli, "A Mobile Landmarks Guide: Outdoor Augmented Reality based on LOD and Contextual Device", "(Journal of Intelligence and Information Systems)", 2012
    3 Ahmad Nurzid bin Rosli, "Alleviating the cold-start problem by incorporating movies Facebook Pages", "(Information Systems)", 2015
    4 Ahmad Nurzid bin Rosli, "Clustering Method based on Genre Interest for Cold-Start Problem in Movie Recommendation", "(Journal of Intelligence and Information Systems)", 2013
    5 Mohd Nazri b. Md Saad, Mohd. Mustamam b. Abd. Karim, Ahmad Nurzid b. Rosli, Nuraminah bt Ramli, Mohamad Ishak b. Mohamad , "Collaborative Education Content Development Using Google Tools for Educators and Social Network. ", "(13th UNESCO-APEID INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, WORLD BANK SEMINAR ON ICT IN EDUCATION. )", November 2009
    6 Ahmad Nurzid bin Rosli, "Collaborative Filtering based on Clustering Method using Genre and Interest in SNS", "(Korea Intelligent Information System Society Conference)", 12/07/2012
    7 Mohd Nazri b. Md Saad, Mohd. Mustamam b. Abd. Karim, Ahmad Nurzid b. Rosli, Nuraminah bt Ramli, Mohamad Ishak b. Mohamad , "Collaborative Online Education Using Social Network", "(International Teaching & Learning in Higher Education 2009 (ICTLHE'09))", November 2009
    8 Ahmad Nurzid bin Rosli, "ConTag (Contextual Tags) in Video-based Collaborative Learning", "(2014 Annual Conference of the Autralasian Association for Engineering Education (AAEE2014))", 12/08/2014
    9 Ahmad Nurzid bin Rosli, "ConTag: Conceptual Tag Clouds Video Browsing in e-Learning", "(2013 5th International Conference on Data Mining and Intelligent Information Technology Applications)", 18/06/2013
    10 Ahmad Nurzid bin Rosli, "Context Aware Navigation Element for Collaborative Non-linear Video Authoring Tool", "(Cybernetics and Systems)", 2015
    11 Ahmad Nurzid bin Rosli, "Current Practices and Future Possibilities of Environmental Education in Malaysia???s Early Childhood Education ", "(null)", 2017-07-10
    12 Ahmad Nurzid bin Rosli, "Dynamic Sampling-based Interpolation Algorithm for Representation of Clickable Moving Object in Collaborative Video Annotation", "(Neurocomputing)", 2014
    13 Ahmad Nurzid bin Rosli, "E-Commerce Video Annotation Using GoodRelations-based LODs with Faceted Search in Smart TV Environment", "(International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence Technologies and Applications)", 28/11/2012
    14 Ahmad Nurzid bin Rosli, "GUIDELINES FOR INCORPORATING EE ACROSS ECE IN MALAYSIA", "(null)", 2017-07-10
    15 Ahmad Nurzid bin Rosli, "Gamification in Education: Designing and Developing a MOOC on How to Gamify your Classroom", "(International University Carnival on E-Learning (IUCEL))", 2017-09-26
    16 Ahmad Nurzid bin Rosli, "Navigation Management for Non-linear Interactive Video in Collaborative Video Annotation", "(Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems (ACIIDS 2014))", 04/07/2014
    17 Ahmad Nurzid bin Rosli, "Ontology-driven visualization system for semantic searching", "(Multimedia Tools and Application)", 2014
    18 Ahmad Nurzid bin Rosli, "Pembelajaran Teradun dan Pembelajaran Berasaskan Permainan: Kahoot!", "(Pembelajaran Teradun Trend, Isu dan Amalam)", 2017
    19 Ahmad Nurzid Bin Rosli, Nazre Bin Abdul Rashid, Khairulanuar Bin Samsudin., "Socket Programming as a Pedagogical Approach to Motivate Students in Learning Computer Network Subject. ", "(National Conference of ICT in Education 2009)", Februari 2009

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