Staff Profile
Name Profesor Madya Dr. Che Zalina binti Zulkifli
Position Profesor Madya
Faculty/Centre Fakulti Seni, Komputeran dan Industri Kreatif - Jabatan Komputeran
Telephone No. 05-4505520
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Staff Qualification
  • Ijazah Doktor Falsafah - Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Wireless Communication and Mobile System) Universiti Sains Malaysia(2013)

  • Ijazah Sarjana - Electrical anda Electronic Engineering (Electronic System Design) Universiti Sains Malaysia(2008)

  • Diploma - Pendidikan Teknikal ( - ) Maktab Perguruan Teknik(2002)

  • Ijazah Sarjana Muda Sains - Electrical anda Electronic Engineering (Electrical anda Computer Engineering) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia(1997)

  • Staff Specification
    Field Of Specialization Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    Staff Interest
    Research Interest Wireless Communication, Embedded Systems (microprocessor, microcontroller), IoT,Mobile Systems, RFID, Real-Time Monitoring Systems, Instructional Technology in Education, M-Learning, Education Engineering, H2M-M2M (Machine to Machine Communication), Environmental Care-Green Technology,Computer Architecture, Advanced Internet Application, Next Generation Internet, Software Testing,and Programming.

    *Note : All information listed below are based on recent 5 years.

    Staff Affiliation
    Professional Affiliation
    Role Project Organisation Date

    Staff Research
    Recent Research
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    1 A New Embedded Architecture of Material Flow Traceability and Accuracy System with Mobile RFID on WSN Platform for Industrial Manufacturing
    2 Development of Distributed Real Time Technique with Embedded RFID for Human Detection System
    3 Development of Mobile RF Reader for Arowana Detection
    4 Development of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) for LearnSoftware Open Video Sharing Site
    5 Development of Wireless-Sensor-Network Visualization Training Kit: Study on Various Learning Strategy of Engagement Taxonomy
    6 Digital Heritage Gamification: An Augmented-Virtual Walkthrough to Learn and Explore Historical Places in Malaysia using Mobile Device
    7 Environment Literacy Through Cans Herbs Garden
    8 Floating Garden: Enhancing the Concept of Recycled Through Minimalist Gradening Approaches
    9 Forest: Rethinking Nature Through Experiential Approaches
    10 Gaya Hidup Lestari Melalui Kesedaran Pemeliharaan Alam Sekitar
    11 Institutionalizing Digital Entrepreneurship As A Fast Track Approach To Venture Into Online Business
    12 Investigation on the Design and the Development of Glove Sensor Based Sign Language Reader for Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia
    13 Long Range Real Time Monitoring with Integrated RFID for Boarding School
    14 New M2M Architecture of Active RFID Technology and Wireless Mesh Sensor Network on Fertilizing, Irrigation System And Pest Control in Agriculture.
    15 New M2M Architecture of Active RFID Technology and Wireless Mesh Sensor Network on Fertilizing, Irrigation System And Pest Control in Agriculture.
    16 Prototype of Long Range Mobile RF Reader for Material Flow & Asset Tracking in Industrial Manufacturing
    17 Recycled Sculptural Garden Furniture: Redefining the Concept of Green Through Craft Projects

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    Staff Study Leave
     This staff is on study leave from 01/09/2017 until 28/02/2018