Staff Profile
Name Dr. Fanny Kho Chee Yuet
Position Pensyarah Kanan
Faculty/Centre Fakulti Pengurusan dan Ekonomi - Jabatan Pengurusan Pendidikan
Telephone No. 01548797790
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Staff Qualification
  • Ph.D - Pengurusan Pendidikan (Pengurusan Pendidikan) Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Tanjung Malim(2016)

  • Sarjana Pendidikan - (Pendidikan) Universiti Terbuka Malaysia(2010)

  • Sarjana Muda Pendidikan - BETESL (BETESL) Universiti Terbuka Malaysia(2007)

  • Staff Specification
    Field Of Specialization Pengurusan Pendidikan
    Staff Interest
    Research Interest Teacher Leadership, Teacher Learning, Collective Leadership,Teacher Competence, Teacher Development, Teacher Effectiveness, Teacher Engagement, Teacher Openness to Learning, Teacher Preparation, Teacher Voice.

    *Note : All information listed below are based on recent 5 years.

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    Staff Research
    Recent Research
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    1 Development of Teacher Education Model for Preparing Quality Teacher for the Future - Developing A Teacher Leadership Framework For Preparing Quality Teachers For The Future
    2 Teacher Learning in Enhancing Teachers? Leadership Competency Model in High Performing Secondary Schools in Negeri Selangor, Shah Alam

    Recent Publication
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    1 Fanny Kho Chee Yuet, "A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Niche-Malaysian Teachers' Leadership Competency Instrument (NMTLCI)", "(Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences)", 2015
    2 Fanny Kho Chee Yuet, "Development and Validation of Teachers' Commitment to Change Scale", "(International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences)", 2017
    3 Fanny Kho Chee Yuet, "Development and Validation of The Teacher Leadership Competency Scale", "(Malaysian Journal of Learning and Instruction)", 2016
    4 Fanny Kho Chee Yuet, "Leadership Competencies and Commitment to Change: The Mediating Effects of Developmental Leadership Behavior", "(Management Research Journal)", 2017
    5 Fanny Kho Chee Yuet, "Modul Kepimpinan Guru", "(null)", 2017-12-29
    6 Fanny Kho Chee Yuet, "Principals' Developmental Leadership Behaviors: Validating a Scale with Structural Equation Modelling", "(Global Journal of Business and Social Science Review)", 2015

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