Staff Profile
Name Dr. Lim Chen Kim
Position Pensyarah Kanan
Faculty/Centre Fakulti Seni, Komputeran dan Industri Kreatif - Jabatan Komputeran
Telephone No. 05 450 5035
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Staff Qualification
  • Doctor of Philosophy - Computer Science (Computer Graphics and Visual Informatics) Universiti Sains Malaysia(2014)

  • Master of Science - Computer Science (Information and Knowledge Engineering) Universiti Sains Malaysia(2009)

  • Degree of Science - Computer Science (Parallel and Distributed System) Universiti Sains Malaysia(2008)

  • Staff Specification
    Field Of Specialization Sains Komputer
    Staff Interest
    Research Interest Crowd Simulation, Plant Modelling, Music Rendering, Boid Algorithm, L- Systems, Digital Heritage, Virtual Walkthrough

    *Note : All information listed below are based on recent 5 years.

    Staff Affiliation
    Professional Affiliation
    Role Project Organisation Date
    AHLI / MEMBER - IEEE 10/12/2015 to 09/12/2016
    AHLI/MEMBER - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

    Staff Research
    Recent Research
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    1 An Assessment on ICT Emotional and Cultural Impacts on Learners and Teachers from Disadvantaged and Marginalized Communities
    2 Analysis of teachers'' implementation of higher order thinking skills and the development of models and modules for teaching writing to weak learners
    3 Assessment of Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) and Aesthetic Experience (AX) in Malay folk dance digitalization through Motion Capture (MoCap) technology for Malaysia intangible cultural heritage preservation
    4 Construction and Reconstruction in Mobile Virtual Heritage Application as an Edutainment Tool
    5 Development of Teacher Education Model for Preparing Quality Teacher for the Future - Developing A Framework Of Assessment And Accountability For Preparing Quality Teachers For The Future
    6 Digital Heritage Gamification: An Augmented-Virtual Walkthrough to Learn and Explore Historical Places in Malaysia using Mobile Device
    7 Investigation on triage and prioritization for ?big data? patients with chronic heart diseases through telemedicine environment during disasters and peak times.
    8 LGERMs: An Edutainment Framework for Digitally Modelling Enhancement of Plants (2D) and Sound Rendering with L-Systems Algorithm
    9 Language Model to Solve Inconsistency, Incompleteness and Short Query in Cultural Heritage Collection
    10 Simulating Digital Cultural Heritage in George Town, Malaysia using a Hybrid of Boid Algorithm and Texture Patches Method for Crowd as a Pedagogic Application
    11 Virtual Ethology : Simulation of Underwater World Heterogenous Animals'' Behaviours as Particle-based Autonomous Agents

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